Supreme Courtroom Lobbied or Swayed By Protests and Mob Mentality – How Can We Possibly Have Justice?

Will the US Supreme Court ditch the text of the Structure or its meaning in favor of appeasing the masses? You should recall that Supreme Court docket justices are appointed hence it makes it a political place. Likewise, justices at decrease degrees frequently are voted into workplace, and they are all attorneys, so the game of politics below should not shock any individual. It is unfortunate to see that our Supreme Courtroom justices may bend to the fickle quick-term contemplating of crowds outside the court.

It is astounding how powerful the social networks have come to be, and how much buzz and controversy they can endorse in all of their audio and fury.
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Just after all, matters go viral really immediately in between all the individuals who are “electronic friends” almost to the position that they can sway not only public impression, and incite the information media to bend to their needs, but also put tension on politicians, and even Supreme Court docket justices. This is pretty regrettable at times.

In truth, I check with is it legitimate that the Supreme Courtroom is staying lobbied or swayed by protesters and mob mentality? And what is it with all the “good friends of the court docket” letters getting filed to prop up the socialist idea which is certainly considerably of the basis of ObamaCare? If a little something is unconstitutional, it won’t make any difference, or somewhat it shouldn’t issue how numerous buddies, protesters, or unemployed legal professionals with almost nothing improved to do are sending “close friends” letters to the court docket.

There was a really alarming article in Reuters the other day titled ” “Friends” line up for Obamacare Supreme Court problem,” by Terry Baynes posted on March 18, 2012, which mentioned

“So quite a few buddies. So tiny love. This kind of is the state of the amicus, or “friend of the court docket,” briefs that have piled up in the impending U.S. Supreme Court case involving ObamaCare. In all, some 136 amicus briefs have been filed with the significant courtroom – which is a stack about 2 toes superior or two whole carts. It is really also a 3rd more amicus briefs than had been submitted in the earlier Supreme Court docket amicus file-holder – two affirmative action lawsuits towards the College of Michigan, made a decision in 2003.”

What else can we hope in this crazy planet of ours? I am going to explain to you what will come following, and it is frightening as hell. If the Supreme Court is likely to bow to the wishes of mass hysteria on Fb, Twitter, and on other social networks and thinks that this is what our founding fathers had in brain Power to the Persons. Then, we will not want a Supreme Court docket, all we need is for everybody to vote on line, and go with that. Even so, we have a few branches of govt to equilibrium just about every other out, and we have a Republic, not a pure democracy.

It is unlucky that individuals are unable to see the philosophical variance or why it even exists – you see, it is a superior point it does exist, and it has aided us come to be the finest country on earth. Should we throw it all absent merely due to the fact social networks and activist attorneys want to manipulate the process? That’s not what this fantastic nation is about, nor is it what the Supreme Court docket is meant to be. In truth I hope you will please take into account all this and think on it.

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