Tips on how to Generate Free Leads With Key word Based Article Marketing

One of the most challenging tasks you will have once you begin your network marketing business is to generate network marketing leads. Leads are the life blood of your business. If you don’t have any, you will be useless in the water.

One great way to generate leads for your business is by means of keyword based article marketing.

Here is how functions.

First, you need to find an article site to submit an article to. Some of the more popular sites are EzineArticles. com, Goarticles. com, and Aricledashboard. com.

Next, pick a topic related to multi-level marketing that you would like to write about. Now, what is the primary keyword for that topic? If you were going to give people advice on how to recruit people into their multilevel marketing, your primary keyword could be “mlm recruiting” or “mlm recruiting tips” You can find Google’s Free keyword tool and type these terms in to observe how many searches they get a month. It’s best if you can find a good keyword with a high search volume and low competition. A minimum is 100 searches per month is optimal.

Next, you wish to write your article. Make sure you possess a killer title that has your keyword in it. The title is every thing. I once read a copywrting book that said that if you only a new dollar to spend on your whole content, use 80 cents on the name. Now that is saying something.

OK, after you come up with your attention grabbing headline, you might be now ready to craft your key word based article. Now it doesn’t have to be long. The optimal length of a good article is about 350-500 words or 3-4 paragraphs. Make sure to provide your reader value in your article. Also, be sure to spread your keyword in the article three to four more times. A good measure to utilize is one keyword mention per paragraph. This is why this strategy is called keyword structured article marketing.

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Quick note: Keywordhacker. possuindo is a good free tool to use to check on what keyword your article is definitely optimized for. Just copy plus paste you article into the Keywordhacker keyword checker and it will analyze your article and tell you what keywords are prominent. This is good to make use of to make sure you have used your focused keyword enough.

OK, back to the lesson. After you have crafted your article, you want to give your reader a proactive approach and direct them to your resource box. Your resource box is located at the end of your article and is usually where you place your author information or tell your reader what you want them to do next. A good call to action for an article about mlm recruiting could be, “To Discover ways to Recruit More Leads In A Day Than 95% of Most Marketers Recruit In a given time, Click Here”, and have a link for the reader to click on to take these to your offer page or guide capture page

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